Weekly Vegetable Market Overview | 14 NOVEMBER 2023

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In the vegetable market, the average national potato price started to increase again which was driven by lower volumes delivered on the markets. The latest price increased to R96.19 per 10kg bag with volumes 7% lower the past week. Large/medium mondials traded between R85 and R90 on the Nile platform, but we are expecting prices to remain in a downward trend for the rest of this year due to higher expected volumes.

Tomato prices increased by 7% to R14.18, while volumes decreased by 3% over the past week. The lower volumes are still due to the cold weather we had a few weeks ago, but I think that the warmer weather will now have the opposite effect, with more volumes that can push prices significantly downward soon. The extra-large tomato price traded on R17.98 while mediums traded on R14.82 per kg.

Although the national average carrot price remained in its long-term sideways trend, it started to show signs of life and increased to R4.85 per kilogram, while the average large price increased to R5.01 per kg. I think that this upward trend can continue for the rest of the year. On Nile the class 1 large carrot price increased to R60 per 10kg bag.

Onion prices decreased to R38.91 per 10kg bag and is now 62% lower than a year ago. Last year this time the price traded on a R110 per 10kg bag. This is driven by 54% higher volumes at the moment. Brown onions decreased to R36, White onions lower on R39 while red onions increased to R136 per 10 kg bag. The average price is likely to stay on a lower level for now, but possibly increase just before Christmas again.

Looking at other market prices, the average pepper price increased to R18.04 per kilogram which was mostly driven by lower volumes. Green peppers increased to R12.19, Yellow peppers higher on R36.57 and red peppers on R31.81 per kilogram.

Cabbages prices increased by 14% to R2.54 while garlic prices continued on a downward trend due to higher supply and traded on R43.62. Higher garlic production will continue to put pressure on this price as we approach the end of the year. Spinach prices increased by 25% to R3.66 while sweet potato prices decreased to R13.79 last week. The Pumpkin price again decreased by 25% and is now trading on R4.21 per kilogram and is likely to continue in a downward trend for now.

StudentWeekly Vegetable Market Overview | 14 NOVEMBER 2023

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