Weekly Livestock Market Overview | 14 NOVEMBER 2023

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The average weaner calf price continues to rise, now trading at R34.62 per kilogram, while the average A2/3 carcass price falls to R53.58. The C-grade price drops to R45.81. I still believe that A-grade slaughter prices may approach R55 by Christmas, as demand is expected to improve, and calf prices may only start to increase from mid-December onwards.


As mentioned, the feeder lamb price dropped to R37.94 per kilogram, with the A2/3 carcass price lower at R84.26, and the C2/3 price falling to R59.64. We remain relatively positive that slaughter prices could increase in the next two weeks as demand is also likely to improve, with indications still suggesting that A-grade prices could reach up to R90 by Christmas. However, historical trends suggest that lower feeder lamb prices may be expected until mid-February next year.


Wool prices have come under significant pressure, as expected, driven by lower demand from China in particular. The RWS price decreases by 4% to R162.06, while the non-RWS price drops to R145.79 per kilogram, also 4% lower week on week. In Australia, wool prices have moved sideways, with distinctly lower demand from Europe for finer wool, which was then purchased by Chinese buyers. However, demand for super fine wool in Italy is still good. Our prices should stabilize this week, possibly even rising a bit.


Poultry prices continue to rise, with the frozen price at R37.83, the fresh price rising to R38.07, and the IQF price lower at R33.98 per kilogram. We have not seen the increase in the past week, and it seems that we may be nearing a peak for poultry and pork prices.


Pork prices continue to move sideways over the past week, with baconer prices at R37.20, porker prices currently at R37.73, and the latest sausage pork price trading at R27.38 per kilogram.


Goat prices are very volatile, rising to R51.42 for large goats, while small goat prices fall again to R52.36, and goat ewe prices are at R40.42. Large goat prices may still have support until the end of the year, while goat ewe and small goat prices may continue sideways.


StudentWeekly Livestock Market Overview | 14 NOVEMBER 2023

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