Weekly Fruit Market Overview | 14 NOVEMBER 2023

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Fruit markets gained a lot of momentum the past week and was mostly due to lower volumes. The banana price increased to R12.46 per kilogram and is likely to remain on a higher level until the end of the year due to lower supplies. The class 1 large hands variety price traded on R260 per 18kg box on Nile last week.

Apple prices remained in an upward trend, trading on R13.16 while pear prices increased to R13.61 per kilogram. It is expected that apple and pear prices can stay on this higher level at least until the end of the year.

The orange price increased to R8.22 per kilogram due to volumes decreasing by 14% the past week. This price is likely to continue in its upward trend until middle February next year. The avo price also started to show signs of life and increased to R21.14 per kilogram which is still about 8% lower than a year ago. This price can start to increase sharply from the start of next year. Table grape prices decreased to R73.43 per kilogram with local production starting to pick up, which will force these prices even lower over the coming months. The pineapple price however increased and is now trading on R16.16 per kilogram.

StudentWeekly Fruit Market Overview | 14 NOVEMBER 2023

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