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Looking at the fruit markets, the banana price stayed sideways on R7.07 with this price still within the same price band since the 17th week of this year. Seasonal trends indicate that this price can stay within this band until the start of November when volumes will likely be on a lower level. The class 1 hands large price traded on R160 per 18kg box on last week.

Apple prices increased to R9.20 while pear prices stayed on R9.32 per kilogram last week with both these prices likely to stay in an upward trend for the rest of the year.

The latest orange price decreased by 6% to R3.19 per kilogram and is lower than anticipated which is mostly driven by the strong Rand and lower export prices. Avo prices, which is also hampered by lower export prices, increased slightly to R15.46 last week. Orange and Avo prices are likely to stay in an upward trend for this year. The Table grape price traded on R117.74 with the pineapple price decreasing to R7.54 per kilogram last week.

Liezel VermeulenWeekly Fruit Market Overview | 1 AUGUST 2023