Weekly Grain & Oilseeds Reports

Includes weekly local and international market analysis and price projections for various grains and oilseeds. The objective of the weekly reports is to provide various role players with pertinent and up-to-date information that will assist them with management and/ or strategic decision making.


Monthly Reports

The objective is to provide role players with a more holistic overview of the latest markets developments.

This, in combination with the weekly reports provide role players with valuable and relevant information that assists with management/ strategic decision making.


Quarterly Reports

The objective with the quarterly reports is to provide the agribusiness sector i.e. farmers, traders, processors, suppliers, etc. with price and market trends pertaining to the previous quarter and to make projections for the following quarter. This will enhance the clients longer term decision making abilities thereby increasing their long term profits.



In depth industry reports providing long term trends and projections for the coming season.

The objective of the industry reviews is to provide market related information that will assist decision‐makers with management/strategic decisions.

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Appropriate agricultural market reports help business owners and managers in taking required steps regarding probable surplus and shortage of a given product. Since timing and accuracy of information is vital for profit making decisions AMT publishes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual industry reports.

Grains Analytical Channel

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