Agri Optimum Model

Precision Consulting At Your Finger Tips

Financial precision planning with the main focus on risk profile management of grain and oilseed production. Precision agriculture aggressively took off since the rapid evolution of technology. More detailed analysis is possible by means of soil analyses, satellite imagery and GPS technology just to mention a few. However, this is only forms part of the planning process. Precision financial planning remains an integral fragment of the success of farmers and their financial service providers.


This is where the Agri Optimum Model comes into the equation. It incorporates all cost related factors such as fixed costs, machinery as well as various inputs costs to calculate the profitability on each soil type in the land under investigation. The model gives the user a holistic picture of the financial situation pertaining to a specific land. The Agri Optimum Model is not only an essential tool for the producer to possess when in the pursuit of improving, but is also essential for financial institutions as it can increase their competitiveness in the market.

By knowing this level of detail for the coming season, financial risks are reduced making it possible to give a better interest rate to producers while at the same time saving enormous amounts of processing time and attending to your clients’ needs and reducing their costs of production.

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