Weekly Potato Market Report

Potato prices expected to increase…

Good quality potatoes are scarce at the moment which, coupled with stable demand, will result in price increases. Compared to the long term average for the 38th week, the price is currently 20% higher and volumes are 3% lower. For more information, subscribe to our Weekly Vegetable Report.

Xenophobia and the FRESH PRODUCE market – 10 Sept 2019

FRESH PRODUCE thought of the week: The transport strike last week resulted in lower volumes and most prices to increase. However, the recent Xenophobic attacks mean that there is lower demand from hawkers, most residing from neighbouring countries. Although the lower volumes helped for some upward movement of prices last week, lower demand this week […]

FRESH PRODUCE Prices upwards – 6 Sept 2019

The national transport strike resulted in most prices to trend upwards with volumes that are lower. Producers must be cautious of the after effects with price decreases very likely. For more detailed information and forecasts, please subscribe to our WEEKLY Vegetable or Fruit report. Also tune in for next weeks Fresh Produce Overview where the […]

Potato Price Outlook – Sept 2019

Similar to the previous month, demand has been limited on the markets which kept prices low while the high supply levels also didn’t help. The average national price in August 2019 decreased by 13% compared to the previous month and is 7% lower compared to the same time last year. Based on seasonal trends, the […]

Tomato Prices…

Higher demand this week.. The average national price increased by 11% from R3.39 to R3.77 per kg mostly due to lower volumes on the markets last week. Seasonal trends indicate that the market is currently going into a “lower price, higher supply and higher demand” scenario. Higher demand and lower volumes will most likely result […]

Latest Beef Price Trends

In the week of 3 May 2019, the average price of weaners (190 – 250kg less auction fees) declined in total by 1,4% compared to the previous week, 2,2% lower against a month ago and 18,9% lower year-on-year. The increase in the average price of weaners is against the previous week seems to be the [...]

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