AMT is a South African based company specialising in the analysis and forecasting of national as well as regional agricultural industry and market information. The purpose of our services is to enhance production, management and marketing efficiency within agriculture through apt and well‐prepared market trend analysis. The significance of respectable market analysis by AMT cannot be over emphasized. Large and smaller companies alike acknowledge the worth of current and well-timed information in terms of the value it brings not only to production decisions but also the retailing of their products.


Livestock Analytical Reports

Vital, accurate and well-timed reports allied to market environment – important for the success of your business.


Grains Analytical Reports

Constant monitoring of the business industry and data analysis ensure that the information is current and relevant.


Fresh Produce Reports

Analysis and forecasting of agricultural markets bring solutions to specific needs.

Why should you use us?

AMT specializes in the analysis and forecasting of agricultural markets thereby answering precisely in these needs. Appropriate agricultural market reports help business owners and managers in taking required steps regarding probable surplus and shortage of a given product. Since timing and accuracy of information is vital for profit making decisions AMT publishes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual industry reports. This significantly improves the efficiency of decision makers, which in turn entails that they could concentrate on the core activities of the business. AMT therefore does not only provide sound market data system, but also contributes to the well‐being of the agricultural sector in South Africa.

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AMT’s agricultural market reports reveal current economic conditions. An effectively prepared market report presents market condition regarding buying and selling of a specific product. Access to economic information provided by AMT inspire worthy decisions based on market environments. As a result, readers are allowed to come to suitable conclusions themselves. AMT’s analytical intelligence helps leaders prepare routine and long term investment plans.

AMT provides essential market information on various products. Based on the foundation of such information business leaders can complete business activities including production, purchasing, retailing etc. AMT offers a unique Consultation Service – Agri Optimum Model – for financial precision planning with the main focus on risk profile management of grain and oilseed production.

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